I’m flipping through the February issue of FD Luxe which features interviews and photos of prominent Dallas couples – wildly busy, wildly successful and widely in love. I smile, chuckle slightly and am reminded once again of one of the things that Dallas does well: celebrates a very few out of the 1.3 million that inhabit it. Even Rob Brinkley, Editor-in-chief of FD, seems to agree and expresses in his own way similar thoughts in the Letter From The Editor. In response to the assertion that “you always show the same people at parties”, he explains that “Dallas is a teeny, tiny town – as society goes.” And by society, he adheres to Merriam-Webster’s definition: people who are fashionable and wealthy…a part of the community that sets itself apart as a leisure class and that regards itself as the arbiter of fashion and manners. His theory is that an alarmingly small group…about 200 as he puts it…does all the work, buys all the tickets, gives all the time, writes all the checks, raises all the money and attends all the parties, galas and balls. For those who make the assertion that he always shows the same people at parties, he goes on to challenge them to…in so many words…step up their game and they too will show up in photos! At this point I’m more than chuckling; I’m rolling on the floor! LOL Can you imagine being one of those people who consider themselves part of “society” and they haven’t shown up in photos yet?! I have this vision of the “ladies that lunch” gasping for air at one of Dallas’ or Highland Park’s tony high tea spots as they’re reading his letter…LOL.

But all laughing aside, the 200 or so people that Mr. Brinkley speaks of have done a lot to make this city what it is and is becoming. Just look at the Arts District, The Perot Museum, and Klyde Warren Park which is inarguably one of best things to ever happen to Dallas in a long time!

But there’s another opportunity here. What about all the people who are shaping Dallas today and for the future, not necessarily by giving money, but through various kinds of creative expression, interesting life stories, great ideas and different world perspectives?

Unless Dallas only wants to be defined as a “teeny, tiny town as society goes”, then we should perhaps consider doing something different..something more.