Global Service, Cross-Cultural Appreciative Inquiry, & Grassroots Christian Missions

Our family [the Scotts] believes that the creator of humanity seeks to gather together a People for himself, and we aim to contribute to that endeavor, as he continues to draw out a ‘family of nations’ from every ethnicity, language, tribe, and tongue. By relocating to Togo in West Africa we hope to serve one of six different Togolese language groups who have neither a Bible nor a community of Believers in their language-groups.


As we live along-side local families, we will devote ourselves to presenting the opportunity to claim the place that is reserved for them in the LORD’s Kingdom. We are preparing to learn their language, culture, and customs; to pray and look for hospitable families; and to make disciples within the course of life through sharing meals, stories, experiences, and scripture. We do all this because we want to see local leaders serving their own people in their own language, as they follow the Messiah along the pilgrimage of faith. We believe this is important, and we want you to help make it possible by becoming a sustaining donor.

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