I have thoughts I will never speak, actions I will never breath to fruition. I dream of places I will never visit except in dream states. There are pieces of me I will never know. These fragments of me that I was born with but due to one circumstance or another they will remain dormant,buried beneath "I can't and tomorrow."

Each new day I lift my head from my pillow and for an instant I feel invencible. I stretch my mind to possibilities unrealized. Somewhere between my day starting and life interrupted my invencible turns invisible. I curse those invisible parts.

It would be different if I thought we lived forever. At least then it would be easier to tolerate my procrastination and self defacing tendencies. Perhaps that is why we come with an expiration date. Simply to keep us striving for relevance in our lives. Something to snap us out of our zombie state of waiting on something to change.

Knowing and believing that no new day is promised should be enough to cause electrifying manifestations in each of us. Things like being the first to quickly apologize. Things like pouring ourselves into our relationships. Things like sharing our authenticity without punishing each other with silence or coldness.

I have thoughts that we can get there. If only we were to try. 

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