My name is Ricky Vaughn-Pergola. I’m originally from Texas City, TX. I went to Stephen F. Austin State University  where I studied biology and Spanish. In November of 2006, I decided to move to Dallas for a change of scenery and I’ve lived here ever since. The people I’ve met here in Dallas have been a huge influence on me. Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs.  They’ve all inspired me to think outside of the box and do things that I’ve always wanted to do, like become a photographer and travel abroad more.  I’ve seen great things and even greater people; and I feel as though these experiences have inspired the makeup of my photographic work. I started photography in 2010, but since my childhood I’ve always been obsessed by photographs and how they tell a story.  As a kid, I’d go to my grandmother’s home every weekend and thumb through the same photo albums every time. Nightclubs, family reunions, holidays, and home snapshots. They were all documented by my grandmother. And from each photograph, I remember the table settings, the fashion, the automobiles, and furniture design, all by detail.

Lately, I’ve been most interested in street photography and portraiture. Street photography is more of a challenge because the moment and image can change instantly and you don’t have a lot of control, if any.  With portraits, you have time to get to know the subject you’re photographing and direct them. Photographing the streets of Dallas has been quite the experience. The city isn’t like New York or Rome. You have to actually search for your street subjects. It takes effort and time. But I’ve found myself capturing some very great images here.  Images that one wouldn’t instantly notice.

If you would like to connect with Ricky Vaughn-Pergola on social media, you can find him on instagram under @vaughnograph