Hello, My name is Kyra Fox, a sophomore at Howard University and also, I am the Founder, President, and Producer of Black White and Different. Black White & Different is a movement. For our youth LGBTQ demographic, we have a mentorship program targeted towards mentoring these individuals across the country through face to face discussion or online video chatting. Black, White and Different is also a television show, and platform for the LGBTQ community to get their voice out and tell their stories in whatever way they feel necessary/appropriate. Lastly, we are an Awareness Program; put in place to educate those outside of the LGBTQ community and assist those within.

        In 2016, the LGBTQ community is still accustomed to feeling like the "other", or "different” in society’s eyes. However, one must ask, 

"Is it who we love that makes us different, or the fact that society views us as different, that makes our stories different?” -Kyra Fox

        People want to tell their stories, people want to voice their issues with society and people want to be seen as normal. However, who is going to listen? Who is going to answer their cry for help? Who is willing to recognize that people need help, and people need guidance? Who is going to educate those outside the LGBTQ community? We are.

        If you are of the LGBTQ community, you know what it means to have a “story”. Whether it's your "coming out" story, certain experiences with family, friends, or our society as a whole. Being apart of the LGBTQ community, we have experienced something in our lifetime that others have not, and this makes us different. BWD is looking for people with compelling and life changing stories who want to make a difference. Whether you are black, white, young, old, and everything in between in the LGBTQ community, we all have a story; we are all seen as different.

        For the show, we want to know why SOCIETY sees you as "different" or the "other". But we also want to know why YOU know that you deserve to be seen as normal. How has your story shaped who you are today, and how can you use that story to educate and help others? Submit your story online at blackwhitedifferent.com to be featured on the show.

        BWD is a movement, centered on painting the LGBTQ community to be seen just as human as everybody else through public speaking, mentorship and a television show which is to be used as a platform to get our stories out to the world and educate all people from all walks of life, on the LGBTQ lifestyle. We will empower the Black, the White and the Different through sharing our stories, advising others going through similar struggles, exposing our own weaknesses and our sources of strength!

        Spreading awareness doesn’t have to stop at sharing our stories. For some, listening to how others pull through, is only the beginning. Workshops and conferences will be held to cover and spread awareness about our message on a greater scale. Within these workshops and conferences, we will be covering our personal "Black, White and Different Survival Guide", that covers topics such as: tips on "coming out", how to live comfortably in your own skin, conforming to society, battling homophobia at home, in schools, in the work place, and much more.

        The website will be regularly updated with dates and locations of upcoming workshops, conferences, and events in Washington D.C. such as a Different Fashion (Fashion Show), Color Run, Talent Show etc. hosted by the Black & Different team itself and other uplifting groups that we partner with. For any questions you may have, please contact Blackwhitedifferent@gmail.com and our website for all information Blackwhitedifferent.com.

I have collected a team of young, dedicated Howard University students who are willing to help and support myself by being apart of BWD and assisting with events. Change starts with us. We can’t wait for laws to change the way people act or perceive things. That must come from us.

You may have been alone in your situation, but no one deserves to feel alone, outcasted, or pressured to stay in a closet and alter who they are.